The weight and quantity of the contents of the can.

In rare cases, the weight and quantity of the contents of a Berasar can may vary slightly.

What's the matter? Why is that?

The fact is that cans from the factory are filled with tablets using robotic technology and are automatically measured by weight, after which a seal is obtained. That is, the employees of the plant do not measure manually the amount of vitamin and the weight of each individual vitamin. The amount and weight of the contents of the can may differ from the indicated one in the range from - 100 g. up to + 100 gr. We ask you to take this information into account when purchasing and calculating the duration of the course of admission, or when dividing the contents of the can into several pets.

What to do?

If you find a deviation in weight from the minimum permissible value, please contact our supply specialist Dmitry Anatolyevich Kolesnikov, mail, support phone 8-900-200-77-94.

We ask you to record the facts of critical non-compliance to confirm the reliability. The decision will be made following the negotiations.

We also ask you to pay attention to the fact that before shipment we additionally measure the weight of each shipped item. We do not open cans to calculate the exact amount of vitamins without an agreed request from the client who has paid the full cost of the order.

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